Ocean Spa

Your mind, body and soul will be grateful for the gift you have given of pure relaxation….

Ocean Spa is a unique world-class spa offering specialty treatments with an extensive menu of traditional therapies providing a relaxing and revitalizing experience to rejuvenate the senses. Ocean wellness philosophy is translated into its product lines consisting of cabins, bathtubs and beds with unique and innovative solutions combining the benefits of ancient traditions with the advantages of modern technology. Indulge in a holistic massage or body ritual with state of the art equipment and professional therapists. Enjoy a luxurious spa vacation or wellness retreat in our sanctuary for the spirit with a tailored vacation designed just for you.



The steam bath has, since ancient times, been appreciated for its health and beneficial qualities. Thalaxoterm interprets these benefits using the simultaneous action of steam and heat to relax tense muscles and detoxify. Steam bath, Hay bath, Seaweed bath, Mud bath, Ghassoul clay bath and Black soap bath can all be used in the Thalaxoterm bed.

Thalatepee® Suite

The suite is based on the principles of the American Indian culture where the tepee is a place of purification. The suite adorned with lights, colours, music and fragrances, is used for receiving beauty and purification treatments. It can be experienced individually or with a group of up to 6 people. Seaweed bath, Mud-bath, Ghassoul clay bath, various massages, scrubs and detoxification treatments can be performed in this suite.

Thermaline Deluxe®

The elegant ergonomic bed is designed for spa treatments and massages. Thanks to a built-in boiler, the bed helps to maintain internal body temperature during treatments such as mud packs, steam baths and body peeling.

Sensation bed

This bed is a water floating massage bed with a heating system and cromotherapy. The bed is made of okume wood and gives a wonderful sensation of floating with changing colours to help relaxation during treatments..

In the Thalaxoterm and Thalatepee Suite aromatherapy, music therapy and chromotherapy are combined creating a holistic approach to the treatments.


This holistic healing method acts on the physical and mental processes. Essential oils are extremely volatile substances that are diffused and easily reach the nose, stimulating the olfactory system.

Music therapy

Thalaxoterm and Thalatepee are both equipped with an advanced sound system that transfers vibrations to the body, creating deep relaxation. Music therapy is a paramedical discipline using sound, music and movement to produce “regressive” effects and open communication channels, aiming to activate the socialization process. This psychotherapeutic technique is used in rehab and recovery and overall enhancement of quality of life.


Traditional medicine has always believed that colours have a significant effect on people’s health and mood. The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used heliotherapy (exposure to direct sunlight) to treat several disorders. This concept has been fused with modern technology creating a calming yet stimulating effect. A flood of colours create emotions and deep relaxation while choosing specific colours concentrates on targeted healing techniques.